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04/05/2005, 20h49
Maybe you discussed this problem somewhere but I don't understand French :???:

Well, my rear ammo do some strange noise. It's like the bubbles inside a bottle when you empty it :xan13:

Is citroen aware of that problem? I know atleast 4 friends of mine with the same problem.

Tomorrow I call the dealer and ask about the problem...do you think they change the ammo's ?

This is just the only problem I have with the car so far, plus some little noise from the driver window (I think it's the glass against rubber).


04/05/2005, 21h30
Hello Joe75
I think i've the same problem... sometimes it seems i can hear the fuel tank...but that's not the tank...
There are always little noises "clonc" fron the rear and i think the sosk absorbers are defective.

04/05/2005, 22h43
A lot of people on italian forums have the same problem.
They say dealers are going to replace them for free.

I am just back from a long ride with my car. I am afraid the noise from the shock absorbers is going worse. It's not the fuel tank nor the rough road nor the new wheels I accused in a previous post. It's just these shock absorbers to be defective.

I am going to ask free replace to the dealer!!

04/05/2005, 22h56
it's the same for french C4
my dealer will not replace them now because good ammo's don't exist yet
a few months is probably necessary for finding a solution and for Citroen to create a new ammo with not any noise

10/05/2005, 08h48

I also have a similar problem.
However I think that it comes from the fuel tank, for me at least.
I only hear it during the first few meters.
I'll check if the noise differs whether the tank is full or not.

10/05/2005, 18h21
today I made the 1500km check.
Dealer said they're aware of the ammo's problem but citroen doesn't have good ammo's yet. The only way to fix the problem is to replace them when good ammo's will be available. No way to fix the old ones because they're sealed (there is a ring inside the ammo, it's too tight and that makes the noise).

In my case the noise comes FOR SURE from the ammos, it's getting worse :(