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Dan Ullén
22/12/2004, 13h45
First of all, sorry for writing in english. I haven't found any english C4 forums (any tips?) so I hope you can read my question anyway. Answers in french is no problem. I can read it but not write. Now to the question.

I'm thinking of buying a C4 1.6 Coupé VTR and have a question about the folding of the rear seats. Do they fold flat without raising the lower section up against the front seats?

I guess my questions would be answered by a quick look in the brochure, but up here in Norway, no brochure exists yet. The dealers only have the 8-sided thing with photos and no text. Has anyone yet scanned the 50-side brochure and put it out here somewhere?

Thanks in advance!

Grand Dav
22/12/2004, 14h13
:welcome: @Dan Ullén

Some members already have a C4, I hope they can answer to your question.
Est-ce que les heureux possesseurs de C4 peuvent jeter un coup d'oeil et nous dire si tous les sièges sont au même niveau ?

22/12/2004, 14h34
Je crois que le siege du milieu a un tunnel central

Dan Ullén
22/12/2004, 14h34
Thanks for the translation! Just thought I'd give the reason for my question. I'm a tall guy (194 cm) and in my Stilo I can't raise the rear seatrest to fold the backrest, since there is too little space behind the front seat. So I have to just fold the backrest and it ends up in a 45 degree angel. No good. But some cars just fold the backrest without first raising the seat rest and still get a flat floor. That's perfect and I hope the C4 is like that.


Dan Ullén
22/12/2004, 14h55

Dans le C4, c'est comme ca:

_/ _/__ --> _/|___

ou comme ca?

_/ _/__ --> _/ ____

/Dan, bad in french *and* drawing... :roll:

Mac Gyver
22/12/2004, 19h08
Est ce que les heureux posseseurs de C4 1.6 coupé VTR peuvent expliquer comment se replie le siège arrière pour notre visiteur Norvégien.

En particulier il voudrait savoir si l'assise du siège arrière se replie contre le siège avant ou non ? et ensuite le dossier se rabat vers l'avant pour faire un plancher plat

Il espère que ce ne soit pas comme ça et qu'uniquement le dossier se rabatte sur l'assise... ce qui lui permettrait de ne pas avancer le siège avant pour caser sa stature (1,94 m)

Dan Ullén
22/12/2004, 20h41
Thanks again for the translation! I just found it out myself since I borrowed a 1.6 SX Pack from the dealer this afternoon. It had just 13 km on it. Quite new. :d

Anyway, the seat folds in the same way as in my Fiat, but, the seat rest is easy to detach and leave in the garage so it's no problem.

Lovely car. I'm very close to ordering one now. A Lucifer red 1.6 Coupé VTR Pack with reverse sensor, ESP, glass roof and xenon lights. Mmm...

Bon Noël!

Grand Dav
22/12/2004, 20h52
@Dan Ullén : Good choice !

Gledelig Jul !